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I still claim "YES..!, Everything happens for GOOD". You are here for some reason - something GOOD awaits you...! But do make youR decision to take this forward. Afterall,

you did not come this far only to come this far.

I will hold your hand and take you forward through this journey.

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This is an opportunity for anyone to discover what are the various possibilities one

can unfold in their life with the help of our programs.

Mastery Over Mind- 
Learn and Implement

10-Week Journey

If you master the mind, you master the world..! 
This journey precisely and delicately works on getting mind mastery at different levels. Puts you on the right mindset to achieve your aspirations.

Key to Holistic

15-Week Journey

Get ready to gain across all spheres - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to get the most and best of life. This course will take you leaps and bounds focusing on life at large so that you can carve great days ahead.

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My Story
What is in store for you?

I was the one who always said to myself and others, "Everything happens for GOOD' and assumed things will fall in place with time eventually. Little did I know, this overlooking attitude turned to ignorance to tolerance of all the things that were not in place in my life. 

I paused, I looked back and realized I was shattered to pieces from inside though I appeared/pretended to be sane externally.

By God's grace and a lot of support from my family, collected courage to set everything right - I did this the hard way initially.

I learnt the life's lessons (both personal and professional) and took the journey hard and long way.

Later I bumped into some incredible Tools and Techniques which made my path smooth and now I am here. Using the latter, I found immense transformation for myself and for everyone around me. This started my journey as a Coach who did not want to keep all these learnings to myself and stop there.

The peacemaker in me pushed me to shout and spread the tools and knowledge, far and wide to everyone so they have a peaceful, happy, successful life for themselves. 

If you too know inside that you can have a better tomorrow and need not live the same today forever in your life, hop-on with me. Book one free session below to know more.


Why I Started


You think "My life is ok and fine. There is nothing falling apart for me to take coaching". Once upon a time I was this person.

With coaching, one can reach to their maximum potential and achieve much more for themselves in life and many don't realize this. They can live to their fullest and work towards achieving  their dreams and wishes.

My mission is to guide and support everyone whom I can reach to be the best version of themselves, achieve what they aspire by arising to self-realization and live happily in life ever-after. 

And Yes, this is not the end of a typical fairly tale. This is just the Beginning........


Success Stories

“I've had immense transformations. Working on my life situations with Shruthi as my coach has been incredible. I know I can use the tools and techniques taught by her for lifetime."

Nandita Bendale


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