Don't be okay being okay...!

How are you doing today?

Is your answer "I'm doing okay. Nohting to complain"? Then, let me ask you... Why should one's life just be okay? We all have one life and we should have the best one.

When you sit on your rocking chair at the age of 80 and think back about your life, how do you want it to look life. Do you want to feel at 80, that you have just lived 80 long years satisfying the basic needs of a human-being (which pretty much every organism does on Earth)? Ofcourse maybe, you have lived upto your family's expectations and secured their future too to a good extent. Keeping all the basics aside, would this make you happy as an individual person you are. Don't you want to smile and stretch your shoulders wide with pride when you look back at your life-memories?

Each person's life goals are different. Each person's measure of success is different. Basically one cannot live life another person to feel happy and contended. Mind you, every person has a different questions paper in life's exam and no one can copy from another to ensure full-marks :) Just look through your exam-paper and prepare answers that suit you the best. Define the moments, people, events, achievements that make you feel happy and keep you in best states of mind. Soon, you will know you are on the right track too.

It is commonly said that people regret the most the choices that they did not make. People regret the opportunities they said no to, after they have gone way past that phase in life. Trust your instincts and make those shifts and choices that you would dare not to to keep yourself happy today so that you live a large unregretful life. If not a extravagant life, I'm sure each one of us deserve a great life and it is hugely possible to carve such a life out. It is definitly possible for every human being on Earth to make their life the way they wish only if they make the right choices under different circumstances.

It is ok to start taking small steps. But do take action and make that first step...! All the best to you for changing your life from being okay to great

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